Accused Christchurch shooter pleads not guilty to all charges in New Zealand court

Accused Christchurch shooter pleads not guilty to all charges in New Zealand court


Australian government claims ‘miracle’ election win

 PM heads to church, football after ‘miracle’ election//Lidia Kelly, Barrett/REUTERSAustralian PM heads to church, football after ‘miracle’ election//Lidia Kelly, Barrett/REUTERS

MELBOURNE/SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanked his fellow Pentecostal churchgoers on Sunday after a miraculous election victory that defied years of unfavourable opinion polls and bruised a Labor opposition that had been widely expected to win.

US President Donald Trump on Time’s ‘100 Most Influential People’ List — Alongside Some of His Critics

In his third year as the United States president, President Donald Trump finds himself placed on the Time’s “100 most influential people” list.

“Every modern U.S. President tries to influence the world,” former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wrote in Time. “President Donald Trump has done this …”

Christie went on to acknowledge some of the president’s accomplishments: tough stance on NATO countries, China and North American trade agreements, and Iran nuclear agreement withdrawal.

He labelled Trump’s “boldest move” as his efforts with North Korea and for placing “his imprint on a problem spanning more than six decades.”

Speaking about Michelle Obama, Wintour praised the former first lady for her fearlessness and for transforming the role. "She was just so inspiring to so many women. And obviously -- on a very selfish note, speaking as the editor-in-chief of Vogue -- she did wonders for fashion. She loved fashion. "We always had a tradition at Vogue to photograph the first ladies when they first came in to office -- some extraordinary, wonderful women, and it was an honor to photograph them. But they were always super cautious about what they wanted to wear and the image that they wanted to present: Nearly always a jacket, maybe some pearls if you were Mrs. Bush. But with Mrs. Obama, she was fearless and it was just such a joy for all of us that work in fashion." New Zealand's prime minister Jacinda Ardern, who has been widely praised for her response to the terror attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, is another female politician who has been featured in the magazine. "I think that she's an exceptionally direct, articulate person," Wintour said of Ardern. "And there is no sense that she's ever on message. "She truly brought the country together in such a remarkable way that I haven't seen many other leaders achieve. And she was just so moving, and when she said, 'we are all one country,' it was a message that a lot of other leaders could learn from."

Vogue editor Anna Wintour talks about fashion, sport, politics and 21st Century Vogue: “I don’t think it’s a moment not to take a stand.”

CNN’s Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour interviewed Anna Wintour in New York on Friday, April 5, 2019.

Anna Wintour’s omnipresent status, crafted over a three-decade-long career at the helm of Vogue, is unrivalled in the fashion industry. Her reputation has transcended that of the magazine she edits, her image — immaculately sliced bob, sunglasses — now instantly recognizable in silhouette or line sketch.