OPINION – Are Pelosi and Trump Just Sabber-rattling, Political Expediation At The Expense of Law, Morality and Ethics? Identiterianism Politics?

Are Pelosi and Trump Just Sabber-rattling, Political Expediation At The Expense of Law, Morality and Ethics?Identiterianism Politics?


What’s the hardest ethical decision you’ve ever had to make?

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed on this world; Camus

The human experience can be complex. Tough decisions are part of being human. Sometimes these complex human issues need a human conversation. From choices around birth and death, to those arising within workplaces and communities, our lives are filled with these unpredictable and life-changing challenges.

Russia Collusion: Why Mueller may be fighting a public hearing with Congress

One of the more profound statements by Archie Bunker in “All In The Family” came when he corrected his daughter Gloria for questioning if God made a mistake: “God don’t make no mistakes, that’s how he got to be God.” There is a certain value in divine status. Natural disasters are dismissed as “God’s will,” and genetic defects as part of “God’s plan.”

Very few mortals ever warrant such faith, except perhaps Robert Mueller. Washington has deified him by popular acclamation. The times demanded it. It was simply not enough to demonize Donald Trump. That was done throughout the 2016 campaign, with the notable assistance of Trump himself. However, you cannot have a villain without a countervailing hero. Evil needs a point of reference, and Mueller became that reference. While Trump is portrayed as bombastic, impetuous, and juvenile, Mueller is painted as stoic, reserved, and professional. Indeed, as every new filing undermined the common narrative of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, the commentators fell into a mantra of “just wait for Mueller.”

Amazon faces investor pressure over facial recognition

Amazon is holding a high stakes shareholder vote on whether or not to limit some of its cutting edge technology, Shareholders hold back their own company because of users’ privacy when they’re offline//Natasha Singer, The New York Times

London acid attack: Police release image of suspect after woman and teenage girl struck with sulphuric acid

Suspect described as ‘chubby’ white male with ginger hair following road rage incident/Adam Forrest@adamtomforrest

Six weeks after a teenage girl and a woman were squirted with sulphuric acid by a man in a white van, he remains on the run. Scotland Yard have now released an e-fit image of the suspected attacker. 

The 13-year-old was travelling with a 63-year-old woman down a residential street in south London lined with parked cars when the van came towards them.

As the road was not wide enough for two cars to pass, the woman tried to pull into a tight parking spot before winding down her window to have a word with the van driver.