Salih Khater: Birmingham shop manager from Sudan named as Westminster car attack suspect

Salih Khater: Birmingham shop manager from Sudan named as Westminster car attack suspect

Salih Khater: Birmingham shop manager from Sudan named as Westminster car attack suspect.

AIWA! We Press//The man accused of launching a terror attack in Westminster is Salih Khater, a British citizen who moved to the UK from Sudan, AIWA! We Press has learned.

A flat where he previously lived in Birmingham was among three properties being searched by police as they investigate the 29-year-old’s possible motivations.

He was “not cooperating” with the investigation overnight and remains in police custody.

He said he studied at Sudan University of Science and Technology and went to school in Wad Madani, a city south-east of Khartoum.

Mr Khater’s page shows a mixture of connections based mainly in Sudan, Birmingham and Nottingham – the two cities that are now the focus of operations by counterterror police.

Investigators are searching his former flat above a row of shops in Sparkbrook, near where the first Westminster attacker Khalid Masood lived.

The area was the home of several terrorists, including UK’s first suicide bomber, its first al-Qaeda plotter, one of one of the financiers of the 9/11 attacks and several extremists who went to fight for Isis.

Salih Khater, in a picture posted on Facebook in 2010 (Facebook)

Police also raided another property in Birmingham and a flat in Nottingham that was said to be rented by several Sudanese men.

No arrests have so far been made in the operations and police are not believed to be hunting for any other suspects over the alleged attack.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the head of UK counterterror policing, said the suspect was not known to MI5 or counterterror police.

Mr Basu added: “Given that this appears to be a deliberate act, the method and this being an iconic site, we are treating it as a terrorist incident … no other suspects at the scene have been identified or reported to the police.

“There is no intelligence at this time of further danger to Londoners or the rest of the UK connected to this incident.”

Investigators tracked the path of the silver Ford Fiesta used in the attack to find that it was driven around London for almost eight hours before ploughing into cyclists and smashing into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament.

Police officers guarding the area had to leap out of the car’s path before armed colleagues rushed to detain the driver early on Tuesday morning.

The vehicle had driven from Birmingham late on Monday and arrived in the capital just after midnight, being potted in the central Tottenham Court Road area – a famous shopping and nightlife district – from 1.25am until around 6am.

It was then driven to Westminster and circled around the Houses of Parliament and Whitehall until the crash shortly after 7.30am.

Footage showed the car sharply swerving through several cyclists and pedestrians, over central reservations and down the wrong side of the road at high speed before crashing into security barriers.

It struck during parliament’s summer recess and ahead of the daily rush of tourists to the area, leaving it relatively deserted.

Three people suffered non life-threatening injuries in the attack, including a man and woman who needed hospital treatment but have since been discharged.

Theresa May vowed that terrorists would “never succeed” in dividing Britain, after Donald Trump took to Twitter to blame “crazy animals” for the attack.

It struck just metres from where Masood stabbed a police officer to death after running down four pedestrians on nearby Westminster Bridge in March 2017, in the first terror attack claimed by Isis in the UK.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said the area could be pedestrianised in a bid to ward off vehicle attacks, amid a fresh review of security around the Houses of Parliament.

In the past 17 months, Westminster has been hit by two attacks and was the planned location of four disrupted plots, making it currently the biggest since terror target in Britain.

Ms Dick said: “You will notice that the security around parliament both in terms of armed officers and police officers and physical barriers has been further enhanced over the last several months and there is more to come on that in further months.

”Whether that area outside should be pedestrianised further, there should be further physical works done, I think is a matter that will be discussed no doubt between parliamentary authorities, us, the intelligence agencies and indeed the local authorities and the mayor.“

She said vehicles had “become a weapon of choice” for terrorists, following a spate of similar attacks across Europe.

Isis has issued advice to its followers non how to carry out atrocities using vehicles, knives and other easily obtained items, which have made attack plans faster and harder to spot for authorities.​

At a briefing for journalists in Westminster, the prime minister’s spokesman said 13 Islamist and four far-right plots have been foiled since the first Westminster attack in March 2017 – an average of one a month.

A total of 676 terrorism investigations by MI5 and counterterrorism police were underway by the end of June this year, up from around 500 just four months before.

Roger Stone: “No Circumstances Under Which I Would Testify Against Trump”

AIWA! WE PRESS~~Former Trump political adviser Roger Stone tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper there are “no circumstances” under which he would testify against President Donald Trump. Cooper asked Stone if he loses sleep over the Trump probe.

“I know that there exists nowhere evidence of Russian collusion or WikiLeaks collaboration or any nonsense pertaining to John Podesta’s e-mail,” Stone said on Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360.

Image result for roger stone
Roger Stone has one good reason for floating the idea of Hulk Hogan running for a U.S. Senate seat — and that reason’s sitting in the Oval Office right now. We got President Trump’s former adviser Thursday in NYC and got his reaction to Hulk telling us he’s not interested, for now, in a political career — and he’s urging the former wrestler to reconsider.

“I’m also mindful of any prosecutor’s ability to squeeze underlings to get them to compose testimony against a bigger fish,” he said. “I have not been contacted by the special counsel’s office. I made it abundantly clear that there is no circumstances under which I would testify against the president. I would not rule out cooperating if they think I can be helpful in some area, but beyond that, I have not spoken to them.”

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‘Sudanese immigrant terror attacker’ who drove around London for hours before smashing his car into cyclists outside Parliament leaving 15 hurt

Salih Khater, from Birmingham, veered off road into pedestrians and cyclists at Parliament Square at 7.37am 

Image result for london terrorist attack
London Parliament car crash: UK police treat incident as terrorist act; all you need to know//The Indian Express
  • Emerged 29 year old drove from flat in Hall Green, Birmingham, to London on Monday before driving around
  • Crash came 17 months after Khalid Masood killed 5 on Westminster Bridge before murdering PC Keith Palmer
Image result for london terrorist attack
Global media reaction to London terror attack

Salih Khater, 29, veered off the road careering into pedestrians and cyclists at Parliament Square, after spending the night cruising around London.

There were screams as the Ford Fiesta mounted the pavement and mowed people down at up to 50mph at 7.37am.

In a chilling echo of Khalid Masood’s murderous rampage on Westminster 17 months ago, the driver, from Birmingham, sped towards the Palace of Westminster – narrowly missing two police officers guarding the access road who jumped out of his path. He then smashed into a security barrier outside Parliament.

Despite hitting at least 15 cyclists and pedestrians during rush hour, no one was killed with only one female cyclist seriously injured.

Within minutes the driver, dressed in a white shirt, jeans and a black puffa jacket, was dragged from the driving seat of the crumpled vehicle by armed officers.

The terror suspect – thought to be a lone wolf – remained strangely calm and utterly silent, offering no resistance as he was handcuffed.

Police found no weapons or explosives.

Last night it emerged Khater, who was said to be of Sudanese origin, drove from his rundown flat in Hall Green, Birmingham, to London on Monday evening arriving just after midnight.

Salih Khater, 29, veered off the road careering into pedestrians and cyclists at Parliament Square, after spending the night cruising around London
Emerged 29 year old Salih Khater drove from flat in Hall Green, Birmingham, to London on Monday before driving around

Why Mueller Has ‘got something’ On Trump; Former Reagan White House Official Explains

In a scathing indictment  of the ongoing Trump – Russian collusion probe, Reagan White House official explains why Mueller has ‘got something’ on Trump

Robert Mueller in 2012 (U.S. Embassy Tallinn)
Image result for peter wehner

“[T]his is an administration that deals in lies,” he said. “This is an administration surrounded by supporters who say that they have got to do whatever they have to do and say whatever they have to say to try and protect Donald Trump.”

He explained that “the stronger the Mueller case is, the more the slanders increase and the more the attacks and efforts to delegitimatize the investigation increase.”

When asked about the claim among some conservatives claim Mueller is a bigger threat to the U.S. than Vladimir Putin, Wehner derided Trump’s enablers.

The special counsel’s investigation threatens the Trump presidency. It threatens the Republican Party’s agenda, too.

“Yeah, this is insane,” he said. “And it just shows you that with these people, there’s no bottom when it comes to defending Donald Trump.”

“If Robert Mueller didn’t have anything they would ignore him,” he continued. “But they know that he’s got something.”

“I don’t think they’re gonna get away with it,” Wehner concludes.

Omarosa reveals she also taped post-firing conversation with President Trump

Omarosa Manigault Newman
Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic

bY CYDNEY HENDERSON//USA TODAY~~ Just as Washington was wrapping its brain around the news that ex-White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman had secretly recorded her December 2017 firing by Chief of Staff John Kelly in the Situation Room, she revealed she also taped a conversation she says she had with Trump afterward.

Manigault Newman, whose tell-all book “Unhinged” is out Tuesday, shared the new tape during an interview on Monday’s episode of NBC’s “Today.” In it, Trump expresses surprise about her dismissal, saying, “nobody told me about it.”

While the latest recording appears to show Trump was unaware of the firing, Manigault Newman speculated that Trump may have instructed Kelly to fire her, but offered no evidence to back up her theory.

Manigault Newman hinted there was more to come, saying: “There’s a lot of very corrupt things happening in the White House and I am going to blow the whistle on a lot of them.”

The White House, which offered stinging criticism over the weekend, did not immediately respond to questions on the new recording.

However, later Monday morning, Trump fired off a pair of disparaging tweets about his best-known apprentice.

“Wacky Omarosa, who got fired 3 times on the Apprentice, now got fired for the last time. She never made it, never will. She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes, I said Ok. People in the White House hated her. She was vicious, but not smart. I heard really bad things. Nasty to people & would constantly miss meetings & work. When Gen. Kelly came on board he told me she was a loser & nothing but problems. I told him to try working it out, if possible, because she only said GREAT things about me – until she got fired!”

“If I didn’t have these recordings, no one in America would believe me,” Manigault Newman said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” where she was promoting “Unhinged.”  “I am so glad that I did because now we can put to bed all those false rumors,” she added.

“Meet the Press” aired brief parts of the taped conversation, which included Kelly speaking to Manigault Newman about her reputation and some “pretty serious integrity violations” against her.

“If we make this a friendly departure we can all … look at your time here in the White House as a year of service to the nation without any difficulty in the future relative to your reputation,” Kelly said on the tape.

In response to the clip, Manigault Newman, 44, told Chuck Todd that Kelly was trying to threaten her into silence.

“The chief of staff … under the direction of the president of the United States threatening me on damage to my reputation and things getting ugly for me. That is downright criminal,” she said.

During the interview, Manigault Newman called President Trump a “con,” a “liar” and a “racist,” doubling down on her claim that the current administration does not care about African-Americans. Her comments come a day after Trump called “The Apprentice” alum a “low life.”

“I was the only African-American at the table. … People are making decisions about us, without us,” she said. “When I left … I realized they can care less about African-Americans at the table.”

Manigault Newman — best known as the villain of Trump’s “Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice” television and often referred to by her first name, followed Trump from his reality television show to his presidential campaign, emerging as one of his most fiercely loyal supporters. She was rewarded with a top White House job when Trump won the White House.

Manigault Newman’s official title was assistant to the president and director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison. She made $179,700, the top salary allowed by law for White House aides.

The “Apprentice” alum was the most prominent African-American face of Trump’s White House, working on outreach to historically black colleges and universities and racial disparities in the military justice system.

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Manigault Newman acknowledged she was “complicit” while defending Trump in the past.

“Being used by Donald Trump for so long, I was like the frog in the hot water,” she said. “I was complicit with this White House deceiving this nation. They continue to deceive this nation by how mentally declined he is.”

During her “Meet the Press” interview, Todd also addressed allegations that President Trump said the N-word on tape.

In her book, Manigault Newman wrote that she heard people describe Trump using the racial slur, although she had not personally heard it. However, she told Todd on Sunday that she was able to hear the tape for herself after her book published. (During a Friday interview with NPR, she made it sound as though she’d written in the book that she’d heard the tape. She did not, according to a USA TODAY editor who read an advance copy.)

“I heard his voice as clear as you and I are sitting here,” Manigault Newman told Todd.

The White House responded to Manigault Newman’s appearance on “Meet the Press,” referring to her as a “disgruntled former White House employee.”

In a statement, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “The very idea a staff member would sneak a recording device into the White House Situation Room, shows a blatant disregard for our national security – and then to brag about it on national television further proves the lack of character and integrity.”.

For the White House chief of staff to conduct such a meeting – especially with an employee whose job is not related to national security – in the Situation Room rather than his office is unusual. However, if Kelly suspected that she was indeed recording conversations, he may have felt she would be less likely to do so there since staffers are usually required to hand over their phones before entering.

A number of people were quick to call Manigault Newman’s secret recordings a breach of national security and a possible violation of the law.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer told Fox News Sunday that the audio clips are “a massive violation of every security protocol.” Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, suggested Manigault Newman violated the law and “should be prosecuted.”

“I’ve never heard of a more serious breach of protocol,” said Ned Price, who served as spokesman of the National Security Council in the Obama administration, told the Associated Press. “Not only is it not typical, something like this is unprecedented … The Situation Room is the inner-most sanctum of a secure campus.”

It is not clear if Manigault Newman will face any charges.

U.S. Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal: “No way on earth (or elsewhere) do I believe Robert Mueller gave Giuliani a “deadline” of Sept 1 (or any date). Good prosecutors simply don’t set arbitrary deadlines, which Giuliani knows well.”

No way on earth (or elsewhere) do I believe Robert Mueller gave Giuliani a “deadline” of Sept 1 (or any date). Good prosecutors simply don’t set arbitrary deadlines, which Giuliani knows well.”

080717 Trump Blumenthal Vietnam vacay pic3
“Mr. President: Your bullying hasn’t worked before and it won’t work now. No one is above the law,” Blumenthal tweeted Monday morning. “This issue isn’t about me — it’s about the Special Counsel’s independence and integrity.”//(AP Photo/Sait Serkan Gurbuz, File)
Sait Serkan Gurbuz

Giuliani: “Mueller told us he’d wrap up Trump obstruction probe by Sept. 1”

FILE - President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani speaks to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, May 30, 2018.
Trump Lawyer Won’t Allow Questioning of President on Firing of FBI Chief

bY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA ~~ Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller gave him the deadline of Sept. 1 to end his probe into possible obstruction of justice on the part of the president.

“September 1 was the date that Bob Mueller gave me back two months ago … When we were talking about getting his report done, he threw out the date September 1 as a reasonable date to get it done,” Giuliani said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“I thought he [Mueller] meant, well that’ll keep us clear of the election. And they did say something like they didn’t want to repeat some of the mistakes that [former FBI director James] Comey made,” he continued. Comey has been slammed by the Justice Department and Democrats for showing poor judgment during the 2016 election, particularly for his decision to announce that the FBI was renewing its investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton‘s use of a private email server while secretary of State just days before the presidential election.

“Maybe I put those things together or Jay did, and we came away with the idea that they’re trying to get it done by then.”

Koreas agree to hold summit in Pyongyang in Septembers

In initial small steps toward reconciliation, South Korea said on Monday it would remove loudspeakers that blared propaganda across the border, while North Korea said it would shift its clocks to align with its southern neighbour.

AIWA! We Press — South and North Korea agreed Monday to hold a summit meeting between their leaders in Pyongyang in September, reported Joint Press Corps-Yonhap.
The agreement was made during high-level talks on the northern side of Panmunjom that separates the two Koreas. They, however, did not unveil the date of the meeting.

Monday’s high-level talks, taking place on the northern side of the truce village in the Demilitarized Zone, were proposed by the North last week as it lashed out at Washington for pushing ahead with sanctions.

In his opening statement, the North’s chief delegate Ri Son Gwon said: “As the Pyongyang meeting of the leaders of the north and south is being discussed, I think talking about the issue will provide answers to the wishes of the people.”

Image result for koreas
South Korean President Moon Jae-in must be a severe disappointment to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Far from fulfilling the dreams of some of the extremists who supported him in the snap election in May, which ended nearly a decade of conservative rule, he prefers to show serious resolve in the face of the North’s refusal to back down from escalating threats.

Using a proverb describing a very intimate friend to refer to inter-Korean ties, Ri added: “We have opened an era where we are advancing hand in hand rather than standing in each other’s way.”

Despite the rapprochement, international sanctions against the North for its nuclear and missile programmes have kept economic cooperation between the two Koreas from taking off, while little progress has been made on the key issue of Pyongyang’s denuclearisation.

South Korea’s Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, leading the delegation from Seoul, said it was important that the two Koreas keep “the same mind”.

“Many issues will be raised (at the meeting), but I think any problem can be resolved with that mindset,” Cho added.


Cho addressed the possibility of Pyongyang raising the issue of sanctions to the South, and said: “We will explain our position to the North.”

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The rapid rapprochement between the two neighbours that began this year paved the way for a landmark meeting between Kim and US President Donald Trump in Singapore in June.

Cross-border exchanges between the two Koreas have significantly increased since then, with the neighbours planning to hold reunions for war-separated families next week for the first time in three years.

Image result for koreas
South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un walk together at the truce village of Panmunjom inside the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, South Korea, April 27, 2018.   –  Reuters

But although Trump touted his summit with Kim as a historic breakthrough, the nuclear-armed North has since criticised Washington for its “gangster-like” demands of complete, verifiable and irreversible disarmament.

Meanwhile the US has urged the international community to maintain tough sanctions on the isolated regime – Seoul has caught three South Korean firms importing coal and iron from the North last year in violation of the measures.

Analysts say Moon could try to act as a mediator between the US and North Korea, having salvaged the Singapore meeting when Trump abruptly cancelled it.

If the third Moon-Kim summit takes place, the two are also expected to focus on hammering out a consensus on officially ending the 1950 to 1953 Korean War, which concluded with an armistice instead of a peace treaty.

But Harry Harris, the US ambassador to South Korea, said Monday it was “too early” for such a declaration, Yonhap reported.
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