JEREMY Hunt overtakes Johnson as the public’s preferred Prime Minister

Tory leadership race: Hunt overtakes Johnson as the public’s preferred Prime Minister


BREXIT, EU elections: Key to Labour victory on May 23rd is the contrasting “nasty nationalism of Brexit Party”; Tom Watson

Cross-party Brexit talks resumed Monday… again.Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson believes the key to Labour’s vote holding up on May 23rd is portraying the election as a choice between the “nasty nationalism of the Farage Brexit Party” and “the tolerant, compassionate outward-looking patriotism of the Labour Party”

Swearing by the EU – UK’s anti-Brexit Lib Dems opt for earthy election slogan

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s pro-EU Liberal Democrats are showcasing their European election campaign with a down-to-earth slogan they hope will attract frustrated voters who want to remain in the bloc: “Bollocks to Brexit”.

Fresh from a strong showing in local council elections, the opposition party posted a photograph on Twitter of its leader Vince Cable with a “special edition” of its manifesto for the May 23 European parliament vote. The document will be launched on Thursday evening.

The picture showed a black front cover emblazoned with the phrase on a yellow placard at its centre.