Climate Change Fuels Innovation in Kenya

Beth Bob: (edited)This speaks very well of Kenya. They are doing more than the European countries. USA has reduced and we weren't even in the climate scam that they pushed. We do our part. It is everyone doing their small part. Not like France putting hardship on the people and they have increased on their emissions. We just all need to clean our own rooms.

Global funding for tuberculosis research hits all-time high

Munyaradzi Makoni, nature|AIWA! NO!|Global spending on tuberculosis research hit a high in 2017, according to a report released on 3 December1.

Investment reached US$772 million, up from $726 million in 2016, says the report, from the activist organization Treatment Action Group (TAG) in New York City.

The report, which tracked funding since 2005, shows that investment has gone up and down over the years, with a general upward trend.

The 2017 total is the most spent on research into tuberculosis (TB) in a year, according to the data, but it still falls short of the $2 billion a year that the TB research community says is needed to end the disease by 2030 (see ‘Tuberculosis funding shortfall’). That target is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and part of the World Health Organization Global Plan to End TB.

LONDON’S 10 Most Influential Fashionistas

|CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|If you only could know about TEN people in fashion today, these would be the names that matter most. Some are famous, others are more behind the scenes— but each has an outsize influence on the fashion industry.

People in the fashion industry are constantly bringing new and interesting creations to the runway which is why fashion trends never get old.  Great fashion comes from within and the talents of some of the most influential people in the business.

From designers to models, photographers, and other people in the fashion industry, there is no shortage of iconic superstars when it comes to the most influential people who have affected the manner in which we dress.  The fashion industry is known for its long history of trend-setters, ground-breakers, and visionaries that have created and popularised fashion.  Here are ten of the most influential people in fashion today.

Toxic workplaces are feeding the impostor phenomenon – here’s why

Research suggests that around 70% of people will experience an illogical sense of being a phoney at work at some point in their careers. It’s called the impostor phenomenon (also known, erroneously, as a syndrome). These impostor feelings typically manifest as a fear of failure, fear of success, a sometimes obsessive need for perfection, and an inability to accept praise and achievement. The phenomenon is also characterised by a genuine belief that at some point you, as the “impostor”, are going to be found out for being a fake in your role.