Uganda: A Cuture Of Fraud And Deceit At The Heart Of The East African Nation’s Baby Adoptions To The U.S.

LONDON/KAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) -The first time Jaja, a Ugandan woman, saw her one-year-old granddaughter, she was in the arms of an American man who she was told had “bought” the child.


British Democracy; Parliament shut down by a Prime Minister with no morals and no plan

This morning in the UK, we have woken up in a dictatorship. In an attempt to avoid being held to account, our Prime Minister has shut down Parliament – and #silenced the democracy we have cherished for centuries.

Boris Johnson’s Parliament Suspension Prompts Growing Backlash, The Weak Suffer What They Must

British constitutional crisis – outrage, tinpot dictatorsip all from a man who is less than a month in office, with a mandate of a miserly 0.3 percent vote – TORY membership vote//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA