Arrest Calls As Donald Trump ‘Prison’ Debate Erupts On The Left

Democrats in the House flexing oversight power against President Trump announcing new hearings on the Mueller report and a new, separate vote to hold Attorney General Bill Barr in contempt of Congress. This action coming as Democrats debate how to punish Trump aides stonewalling investigations — even calling for arrests.


‘‘Trump baby’ lifts off in London protests – watch video

Cleverly withdraws from Tory leadership contest, saying MPs weren’t ‘comfortable’ with plan to skip generation

Turning back to the Tory leadership contest for a moment, James Cleverly, the Brexit minister who was one of several unexpected contenders in the Conservative leadershipcontests (or no-hopers, if you want to be more cynical), has announced that he is withdrawing from the contest. As of this morning, he had just four MPs supporting him.