BREXIT HAS HEADACHES! From triggering to extending Article 50, there’s a scarcity of good news & options for the embattled May

It’s thought the EU would only be willing to grant a longer extension beyond July if it were for the sake of making time for a general election or a second referendum – rather than simply letting discussions carry on or as a time-buying exercise. In the scenario of a general election or referendum, the UK would have to write to the EU requesting an Article 50 extension, all member states would have to agree, and then the UK government would need to pass legislation to change the EU Withdrawal Act, in which the 29 March date is enshrined in law.

Downing Street prepares Brexit referendum document claiming it would take longer than a year to organise

Downing Street drew up a paper setting out the potential timescale for a Final Say referendum on Brexit. The document’s existence emerged after Theresa May used it in meetings with political rivals as she seeks a consensus on how to push ahead with Brexit. Officials later said that the document had dealt only with its potential scheduling to demonstrate the belief at the top of government that a People’s Vote could take more than a year to organise.

Portugal vows no visas for Britons in no-deal Brexit – minister

Britons living in Portugal will keep their residency rights and tourists won’t need a visa even in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and Lisbon hopes Britain would offer the same benefits to Portuguese citizens, Economy Minister Pedro Siza Vieira said. Portugal's Economy minister Pedro Siza Vieira speaks during an interview with Reuters in Lisbon, Portugal January 16, 2019. Picture taken January 16, 2019. REUTERS/Rafael Marchante Britain is due to leave the European Union on March 29 but Parliament’s rejection this week of Prime Minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement with Brussels has thrown those plans into chaos and opened up a range of outcomes, from quitting with no agreement on future relations to halting Brexit altogether. “At this moment we do not even know what the United Kingdom wants,” Siza Vieira told Reuters in an interview late on Wednesday.

Theresa May Made A Late Night Downing Street Statement On Brexit And It’s Left People Fuming

|Graeme Demianyk, HUFFPOST|AIWA! NO!|On Wednesday, Theresa May caused bafflement after she gave a late-night statement outside Downing Street. At the end of another historic day in British…

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Brexit deal: MPs pressure Theresa May to adopt Norway model as ‘Plan B’ Brexit

Theresa May’s “plan B” could emerge next week when at least four attempts to shape Brexit will be made by groups of MPs in the Commons. They will table amendments advocating rival suggestions for the way ahead. Supporters of a Norway-style “soft Brexit”, keeping Britain in the single market as well as a customs union, believe the move could command majority support across the Commons. Read more at:

BREXIT CRISIS: May to give statement shortly after 2200 GMT

British Prime Minister Theresa May will give a statement from Downing Street shortly after 2200 GMT, her office said on Wednesday, after she survived a parliamentary no confidence vote. May has proposed immediate talks with other party leaders in an attempt to break the deadlock on a Brexit divorce agreement after her plan was heavily defeated by MPs on Tuesday.