U.S. President Donald Trump to visit the UK in June: Sky News

The Queen and Donald Trump inspect a Guard of Honour at Windsor Castle

Trump Shocks the U.K. by ‘Cutting Off’ Queen Elizabeth AIWA! NO!

U.S. President Donald Trump will make a state visit to the United Kingdom in June and will visit Buckingham Palace, Sky News said in a tweet on Monday.

Trump is likely to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace and to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day landings in France.

Trump Shocks the U.K. by ‘Cutting Off’ Queen Elizabeth

President Trump first visited the U.K. as President July 2018 when he was met with angry demonstrations against his presidency. During the trip, Trump was criticised for greeting the Queen with handshakes instead of bows curtsies.

Trump’s trip included multiple gaffes including him breaking protocol by walking in front of Queen Elizabeth and the White House tweeting out he was ‘leaving the U.K.’ while en route to Scotland