Londoners gave Donald Trump raucous welcome

As Sinatra said if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. Problem is according to rumour mill Trump never made it in New York and the rest of the country is too damn STUPID to go figure|CRIMSON TAZVINZWA|


TRUMP wonders why he has to go to France on Thursday to celebrate the 75th birthday of some guy named Norman D…

Trump’s state visit to the U.K. could get awkward//Crimson Tazvinzwa

President Trump’s state visit to the U.K. will include lunch with the Queen, tea with Prince Charles and his final meetings with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May.

What to expect: Protests in London and, if history is a guide, some awkward interventions into British politics.
Trump said today that he might meet with Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson, the front-runner to succeed May as prime minister. A U.K. official who briefed reporters today said there were no such meetings on the official schedule, but “what he does in his down time is his affair.”
Asked whether it would be appropriate for Trump to weigh in on Brexit or the Conservative leadership race, the official said that was Trump’s business, adding: “I don’t want to rule on appropriateness or otherwise.”