Does Princess Eugenie – Queen Elizabeth’s grand-daughter live off a normal paid job?

PRINCESS EUGENIE, the Queen’s granddaughter and second child of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson says she lives off a normal paid job instead of from the privy purse, the royal family’s normal private income.


Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan will tear apart the United Kingdom

Tony Blair’s first visit outside London after his election landslide in May 1997 was to the Royal Ulster Agricultural Show in Balmoral, near Belfast. Among the prize bulls, he tried to reassure unionists that they were safe under a Labour government, and in his speech he said: ‘“None of us in this hall today, even the youngest, is likely to see Northern Ireland as anything but a part of the United Kingdom.” It worked. Now, after Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, the unionists can no longer be so sure.

it is cool to be peaceful

Statement on the major incident in Essex

“Day in, day out, they [law enforcement agencies] work tirelessly to secure our borders against a wide range of threads, including people trafficking. And we will continue to work with international partners to keep people safe. Mr Speaker, this is a tragic loss of life, and I, and every one of my team, will continue to update the House as more facts on this dreadful incident become known.”