UK dodges recession with 0.3% growth between July and September 2019 but overall the GDP slumped to worst in 10 years

The UK has avoided falling into recession, with the economy growing 0.3% in the third quarter of the year. The Office for National Statistics said the increase was largely thanks to the services and construction industries. It’s not all positive news, though – the stats show the economy’s growth has slowed to its lowest rate in almost a decade. While car production experienced an uptick in the three months to September, there were widespread falls in other areas of manufacturing, leaving overall output flat.


Boris Johnson’s general election poll lead over Labour narrows to six points as the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party get squeezed and lose ground

Boris Johnson’s general election poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn has narrowed to six points as support for the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party went backwards. 

A new Survation survey carried out when the election campaign formally got underway last week puts the Conservative Party on 35 per cent and Labour on 29 per cent. 

The Tories are up one per cent in that poll while Labour jumped three per cent when compared with the previous survey conducted at the end of October. 

British Soldier ‘stabbed’ while jogging outside London Calvary Barracks – Hounslow

A soldier had acid hurled in his face and was slashed with a knife while out jogging in London.
Police launched a manhunt after the Irish guardsman, based at Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow, was targeted in a suspected robbery on Tuesday night.The victim in his 30s was left with a bleeding torso and had to stripped down while firefighters hosed him down.

“Grenfell Tower would not have happened to wealthy Londoners” – Corbyn’s speech

Mr Speaker, I want to thank the Prime Minister for an advance copy of his statement. I want to start by paying tribute to the survivors of the fire, and those family members who have campaigned with dignity for justice these past two years. 72 people lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017, a horror that not only rocked that community but that shook an entire nation.