Brexit looms, Berlin’s ‘Broken English’ shop aims for Ireland

Broken English, a Berlin-based shop that stocks British products, doesn’t fly the Union Jack outside its door anymore.

The British flag has become a source of shame for the shop’s new owner, Munich-born Antje Blank.

Blank, an avowed Anglophile, says the flag that once, for her, “oozed a sense of cool,” has now become tainted and stands for “insularity and borderline racism” following the Brexit vote.

“It has been hijacked by the Tory party, the Brexiteers and the Farage people,” Blank said, referring to Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party. The UK is currently gearing up for a Dec. 12 election, prompted by an impasse in parliament over Brexit withdrawal agreements. 


Iranian-born candidate attempts to create UK history by bringing down prime minister in 12 December 2018 General election

The UK political history books may well have to be ripped up as a 25 year-old Iranian-born candidate tries to topple Boris Johnson in his constituency in the upcoming election. Can the unthinkable happen?

UK PM’s election campaign launch marred by gaffe, resignation and doctored video

UK PM’s election campaign launch marred by gaffe, resignation and doctored video
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s election campaign launch was marred by the resignation of one of his ministers, a gaffe about the victims of a deadly tower blaze and a doctored video of an opponent released by his party.

“Grenfell Tower would not have happened to wealthy Londoners” – Corbyn’s speech

Mr Speaker, I want to thank the Prime Minister for an advance copy of his statement. I want to start by paying tribute to the survivors of the fire, and those family members who have campaigned with dignity for justice these past two years. 72 people lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017, a horror that not only rocked that community but that shook an entire nation.

BRITISH GENERAL ELECTIONS: No Deal is now off the table so Labour backs a General Election – LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn

No Deal is now off the table so tonight Labour will back a General Election. Labour is re-launching the most ambitious and radical campaign for real change our country has ever seen. This is a once in a generation chance to build a country for the many, not the few – Jeremy Corbyn agrees to 9 December General Election//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA