De Montfort University’s Prestigious Architectural Design Award Is For A Good Reason, This is Why. Vijay Patel Building. No Doubt – LOOK!



The team responsible for the transformational Vijay Patel Building at De Montfort University, which inspires some Britain’s most talented art and design graduates – mutated from a non-descript structure to premier eye-popping feature, one can’t stop gazing at it – even during lectures – BY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA//

DMU’s new Vijay Patel Building, home to art and design courses, is the centrepiece of the £136 million Campus Transformation Project which will, providing DMU with one of the finest campuses in the country.

The building is named after Dr Vijay Patel, Chief Executive Officer of Waymade Healthcare. Dr Patel, a graduate of DMU’s Leicester School of Pharmacy, and his wife Mrs Patel have made the single biggest donation by individuals in DMU’s history.



The Vijay Patel Building at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) won top award for architectural excellence last year. The building, designed by CPMG Architects, won the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) East Midlands Award

The main advantages of the new centre is that it brings all of the art and design subjects, as well as their workshops, under one roof. The building also houses printmaking, casting and photographic facilities, as well as workshops traditionally associated with the design disciplines such as glass, ceramics and rapid prototyping. In addition, the centre hosts The Gallery, the largest space of its kind in Leicester, displaying student, staff and external artwork.