French Yellow vest demonstrators, police clash in Paris, days after Notre Dame fire

Police fire tear gas in clashes with yellow-vest protestors
Clashes broke out between dozens of demonstrators and police in Paris on the 23rd Saturday of yellow-vest protests after authorities warned that rioters could return to the French capital to spark a new wave of violence.

Dozens of hooded demonstrators threw rocks at police and some set fire to scooters and rubbish bins in the centre of the French capital, according to Reuters TV footage.

Police responded by firing tear gas and stun grenades. Some officers also marched toward demonstrators to control the crowd and funnel it to Paris’ Place de la République, where most of the demonstrators were contained in the late afternoon.

Demonstrations by so-called "Yellow Vest" protesters in Paris turned to riots as those taking part demanded the resignation of French President Emmanuel Macron. Police used tear gas and water cannon as demonstrators became violent. Police also tackled them with batons and controversial Flash-ball guns. Crowds calling for Macron to step down also carried coffin-shaped items to represent the ten people who have died in the protests.

French government deploys army on nineteenth consecutive weekend of “yellow vest” protests against President Emmanuel Macron

French military forces joined police in Paris on Saturday to tackle the nineteenth consecutive weekend of “yellow vest” protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s government