Zimbabwe Dancehall Star Abducted After Song Critical Of Mnangagwa Government

Zimbabwean music artist Platinum Prince abducted Sunday along Chiremba Road, Harare. He was severely tortured only to be released on Monday. The abductors questioned him about his political song ‘Ndiyo here Mr President?’ – Is that so Mr President?


Mugabe ‘… destroyed agriculture, economy, education, hospitals… he might be gone but his legacy will live on’; Zimbabwean Journalist Wilf Mbanga

Wilf Mbanga, a journalist who once knew Mugabe as a friend, but who suffered the President’s wrath when he set up a critical newspaper in Harare leading to 15 years in exile speaks out on former leader’s demise.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president Nelson Chamisa Blocked By Military, Police From Getting To Mtukudzi’s Homestead, Mourners Break Down Gate To Allow Chamisa In

Renowned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said that the police and the military blocked MDC president Nelson Chamisa from getting to the late Oliver Mtukudzi’s homestead on Sunday where the late singer was expected to be buried.

The incident is said to have taken place right in front of the South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe. Writing on microblogging site Twitter today, Chin’ono said:

ZIMBABWE MUSIC LEGEND Oliver Mtukudzi laid to rest in his home village of Madziva Sunday

Zimbabwe granted Oliver Mtukudzi national hero status, granting him a status following his death that has been a preserve for ruling party elites and independence veterans.