Conservatives and Labour tie in third place in another devastating poll for two main parties


Labour figures are urging Jeremy Corbyn to back a People’s Vote – warning their ambiguous stance on Brexit is losing them support amongst the electorate (PA)

The Conservative and Labour Parties are again trailing behind in the latest survey of voter intentions/Joe Gamp,Contributor, Yahoo News UK, Yahoo News UK

For a fourth week in a row, both mainstream political parties have slumped in a disastrous poll that puts them behind Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party and the Liberal Democrats.

The Conservatives are still behind as the Tory leadership race to replace Theresa May dominates headlines.

The party received just 20 percent backing in the new YouGov Poll – although a rise of three percent in a poll released on June 14.

The poll, conducted on behalf of The Times, showed Labour were neck and neck with the Tories with a further 20 percent – a marginal rise of two percent.

The Liberal Democrats have won the backing of 21 percent of those surveyed, while Brexit Party are continuing to storm ahead with 23 percent of the vote.

The result for Mr Farage’s party shows a 3 percent decrease – showing both the Tories and Labour are crawling back up the approval ratings, albeit slowly.



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Meanwhile, Labour’s deputy Tom Watson doubled efforts to persuade others senior party members to back a People’s Vote.

He reiterated Labour could be “electoral history” if the party fails to take a clearer pro-Remain position.

The Conservative party have made further headlines after a Welsh Tory MP was sacked over false expenses claims.

And Foreign Office minister Mark Field was caught on camera grabbing a climate change activist around the neck during a black tie dinner at Mansion House.

Mr Field is under investigation by the Conservative Party over his actions.