Corbyn hits the Tories with a knockout blow that says everything we need to know about his priorities

Labour has just unleashed some powerful pledges on its National Education Service. And in one knockout sentence, party leader Jeremy Corbyn said everything we need to know about the difference between Labour and Tory priorities.

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Investment in ordinary people or investment in billionaires?

Corbyn first said that “by ensuring the ultra-rich pay their way, we can provide training to everyone who needs it”. And then, with a clear reference to Conservative Party plans to save wealthy citizens billions of pounds, he insisted:

Personally, I’d rather give a break to a worker who wants to learn than give a tax break to the billionaire who wants for nothing.

To clarify, he stressed “that’s the difference between Labour and the Conservatives”. He also revealed that “it makes me angry when I hear of schools closing on a Friday because they can’t pay their bills, while the government can afford multi-billion-pound tax giveaways to corporations and the very richest”.

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