Dennis Rodman: I will be flying to Singapore for the Summit. I’ll give whatever support is needed to my friends ‘Kim and Trump’

A prominent U.S. citizen has arrived in Singapore, tweeting he was ready for the “incredible success” that would come out of his country’s summit with North Korea.

Dennis Rodman arrives in Singapore for Kim, Trump Summit

Former NBA standout Dennis Rodman has arrived in Singapore to support his “friends,” President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, at a summit on Tuesday.

Rodman tweeted last week that he his flight would be covered in part by PotCoin, a digital currency used by the marijuana industry.

Thanks to my loyal sponsors from @potcoin and my team at @Prince_Mrketing , I will be flying to Singapore for the historical Summit. I’ll give whatever support is needed to my friends, @realDonaldTrump and Marshall Kim Jong Un.

— Dennis Rodman (@dennisrodman) June 8, 2018

Trump said Thursday that the basketball star was not invited to attend the actual summit.

“I like him. He’s a nice guy. No, he was not invited,” Trump told the media during a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In a recent Instagram post, Rodman shared a photo of himself posing with Trump, calling the president “one of the best negotiators of all time.” In another post, Rodman is pictured gifting Trump’s “Art of the Deal” book to North Korea’s minister of physical culture and sports, Kim Il Guk.

Rodman has visited Kim in North Korea at least four times and is one of few people who have met both leaders. Still, he maintains he is not a diplomat.

“Well, that’s not my purpose right now,” Rodman told reporters in June of 2017. “My purpose is to go over there and try to see if I can keep bringing sports to North Korea.”

Rodman has made a number of trips to North Korea in recent years and met with Kim, who is a big basketball fan. Most recently, he went in 2017, and his trip coincided with the release of American Otto Warmbier, who was . in a comatose state. Rodman suggested he played a role in the release. Warmbier died less than a week later.

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