Donald Trump drags America to a new low: Mirror Politics morning briefing

People are losing the capacity to be shocked by Donald Trump’s behaviour. Which is exactly what he wants

The President has called for more civility in politics. Honestly, he has. (Image: X00157)

|Jason Beattie, MIRROR|AIWA! NO!|The danger with Donald Trump is that his behaviour becomes so outrageous it no longer has the capacity to shock. 

What was once seen as beyond the pale is now regarded as the social and political norm – we have started to accept the unacceptable.

If you want an example of how the President has corroded the political sphere look at his response to the bombs sent to the Clintons, Obama and the broadcaster CNN .

Instead of condemning the terrorists, the President attacked their targets.

Without any shame he called for more civility in public life and said those “engaged in the political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective.”

This is from a man who labelled his opponent “crooked Hillary,” questioned Obama’s place of birth, branded reporters the “enemy of the people”, sided with white supremacists and mocked a disabled journalist.

The man who called Hillary Clinton “crooked” is now complaining about the tone of US politics (Image: AFP/Getty Images)

All of this is typical Trump: a refusal to take responsibility, the blaming of your opponents and the stirring up of a moral dust storm which distracts attention from what actually happened.

Yet there are people who still apologise for the President’s behaviour.

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