Donald Trump UK visit itinerary: everything planned ahead of the President’s state visit – and where there’ll be protests in London

Anti-Trump campaigners hope to fly the Donald Trump blimp over London once again as a protest against the US president’s state visit to the UK [PA]

Trump Baby blimp to fly again and raise money for those affected by far-right politics//Jasmine Andersson

It seems like only yesterday the masses were taking umbrage with Donald Trump being extended an invite to visit the UK for a second time back in April.

Politicians and members of the public alike declared their fury over the Queen issuing a formal invitation to the US President to visit the UK once more – but this time with the pomp and ceremony of a state visit.

But as the concerns of April faded and we focused our attention on matters closer to home, a lot of us seemed to forget the impending visit of one of the most controversial presidents in America’s history.

So without further ado, here is a reminder of when Trump’s state visit is happening next week, and what is on the agenda:

What is the difference between a state visit and a normal visit?

When US President Donald Trump visited the UK in 2018, he did so on business and with fewer social obligations.

Sure, he met with Prime Minister Theresa May and ended up accidentally dissing Queen Elizabeth II, but he also managed to fit in a golf trip at Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland in the process.

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Trump Baby blimp to fly again and raise money for those affected by far-right politics

But this time, Mr Trump has been invited to the UK  with full pomp and ceremony, and will have the rarity of visiting Britain on an official state visit.

The trip will feature a lot of ceremonial vestiges, including a banquet in London with the UK’s royals and political leaders (well, every party leader rejected the invite apart from Theresa May), as well as rubbing shoulders with the Queen and her relatives on the royal estate.

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