Donald Trump’s Attacks On Sadiq Khan Is Confused, Exposes A Nervous And Anxious President

The President of the United States has quote-tweeted a Katie Hopkins tweet in which both attack Sadiq Khan while wholly misunderstanding what the Mayor of London actually does

The Met Police. Officers says they have lost control of London streets. Apparently they lost control of their twitter account too.


Lets take a look;

Last night the Met Police Twitter account was hacked resulting in a number of tweets calling for the release of drill rap artist Digga D.


Never one to miss an opportunity to critique Khan, who just so happens to be Muslim, Hopkins appears to have decided that among the responsibilities of being mayor is the role of social media manager.

The controversial former columnist tried to equate the hack with the shocking incidents of violent crime in the capital in recent months.

A few hours later, a presumably sleepy president was logging onto Twitter and couldn’t resist joining in.The result? A perfect example of why Twitter can sometimes be the worst place known to humanity as 16,000 (and counting) people tacitly endorsed the president’s tweet with a like or a retweet.

But the explosive Mueller hearings happen next Wednesday; that’s why Trump is stressed by ‘stupidying’, stupifying paranoia, anxiety and dark worry. Donald Trump is sweating right now. The President of the United States has lined up some foils to obscure and distract Mueller hearings – that’s the reason he used Ilhan Omar and her Squad earlier this week; he thought the hearing were happening this week; the rally was meant to rebutt Mueller but lo and behold – it wasn’t to be; Mueller did not happen as schedulled but Wednesday nex week instead- so Trump turned to his primary political weapon RACISM; he had to give a speech to those poor souls congregating in North Carolina for goodness sake. They were already there – hence the now-infamous ‘send her back’ chants that have provoked humanity around the world which he had been engineering since entering The White House. >>>CRIMSON TAZVINZWA; AIWA! NO!

Trump foils

  • President Barack Obama
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Ilhan Omar
  • The Squad- 4 African American Congresswomen
  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan … this particular foil; simply he is Muslim


This is the second time this month that Trump has retweeted Hopkins – just weeks ago he promoted a tweet in which she praised a number of far-right politicians and said “the fightback by proud nations is on”.

Hopkins listed the names of four European politicians, all of whom have a track record of populist and discriminatory views.

Hopkins also said that “god-willing/jihadi-failing” she will be alive to see “Boris Johnson in Number 10” and “Trump in the White House” and “Netanyahu building Israel”.


The four right-wing politicians named in Hopkins’ tweet are:


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