EU warns of border checks, end of licenses in no-deal Brexit

The European Union has warned of the resumption of border checks, end of licensing agreements  in the likely event of a no-deal Brexit.

|CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|The European Commission says it has started to implement its preparations for a no-deal Brexit – in case the UK crashes out of the EU without a plan.

It has announced temporary measures to try to reduce the impact, but says it cannot counter all the problems it expects.

As PM Theresa May’s proposed exit plan flounders in Parliament, both sides are preparing for the worst-case situation.

The UK has allocated £2bn ($2.5bn) in funding to government departments.

The European Commission outlined areas of trade that would be impacted on Wednesday if Britain leaves the bloc without a withdrawal agreement at the end of March next year. 

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