EUROPEAN UNION: A ‘generous’ approach to the rights of UK citizens

EUROPEAN UNION: A 'generous' approach to the rights of UK citizens

|AIWA! NO!|The commission urged EU27 states to take a “generous” approach to the rights of UK citizens in the EU following a no-deal Brexit, “provided that this approach is reciprocated by the UK”.

EU27 states should ensure UK citizens legally residing in the EU on the date of withdrawal will continue to be considered legal residents and should take a “pragmatic” approach to granting temporary residence status, it said.

UK nationals should be exempted from visa requirements, provided that all EU citizens are equally exempt from UK visas.

Remaining EU states should take “all possible steps” to protect social security rights of UK expats who have settled in their countries as well as their nationals living in Britain.

The commission announced “a limited number of contingency measures” to safeguard financial stability in the EU27 following a no-deal Brexit.

These include:

– A 12-month equivalence decision ensuring there will be no immediate disruption in the central clearing of derivatives

– A 24-month equivalence decision to avoid disruption in central depositaries services for EU operators currently using UK operators

– Two 12-month regulations allowing the renewal of certain over-the-counter derivatives contracts

Temporary measures were adopted to avoid “full interruption” of air traffic between the EU and UK.

But the commission warned they will only ensure “basic connectivity” and “in no means replicate the significant advantages of membership of the Single European Sky”.

The statement said it was “essential” for EU27 states to make preparations to apply customs controls in relation to the UK in the case of a no-deal Brexit, and proposed a regulation to allow the continuation of the EU’s Peace programme in Northern Ireland until the end of 2020 in the event of no deal.

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