Finland’s 21st Century Government. 4 Ministers Under 35 Years Of Age Including Prime Minister Sanna Marin a merely 34. They Are All Women. And Who Are They?

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Sanna Marin is just 34 and can you believe that she is all set to swear in as Finland’s Prime Minister? With this, Marin will become the world’s youngest prime minister and thereby, change the dynamics of world politics. BY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA–

Social Democrats’s Marin will run a coalition government with four parties which are headed by women. Three of the party leaders are under 35 – Li Andersson (32), Katri Kulmuni (32), Maria Ohisalo (34) and Anna Ma-Ja Henrikkson (55).

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Africa’s Women Belong at the Top; Malawi President Joyce Banda

Netizens rejoiced after the news and hailed Finland as a progressive nation. Finnish politician Alexander Stubb, whose party could not make it to the government, proudly shared the piece of news on Twitter.

“My party is not in government, but I rejoice that the leaders of the five parties in government are female. Shows that #Finland is a modern and progressive country. The majority of my government was also female. One day gender will not matter in government. Meanwhile pioneers,” Alexander Stubb said in his caption.

Meanwhile; not very long ago, but in the far-flung part of the world –  Jacinda Ardenbecame New Zealand Prime Minister – breaking the record as the youngest female leader of a country in the world.jacinda.jpg

A mere two months after Jacinda Ardern became the youngest-ever leader of New Zealand’s Labour Party, she became the country’s youngest Prime Minister in 150 years, and its youngest female PM, ever.

Her rise was so meteoric that it earned a proper name: Jacindamania.


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