Fox Warns Don Jr. That Lindsey Graham’s Terrible Legal Advice Will Get Him Locked Up,Graham has gone full-on Trump delusional

Fox Warns Don Jr. That Lindsey Graham’s Terrible Legal Advice Will Get Him Locked Up

The Alarming Decline Of a ‘has been’ prosecutor and Senator Lindsey Graham Continues//Crimson Tazvinzwa

Judge Andrew Napolitano warned Donald Trump Jr. that if he followed Lindsey Graham’s legal advice, he would end up in prison.

Napolitano said, “I’m personally very fond of Senator Graham. I’ve known him since he was one of the prosecutors in the Clinton impeachment. But I never heard of a senator saying disobey a valid lawful subpoena issued by the chairman of another Senate committee. The subpoena, just like the one to Bill Barr, is presumed valid. If you can’t or don’t want to comply with it, you’ve got to challenge it in court. You can’t just sit on it, and you can’t not show. Somebody will show up with handcuffs.”

The Decline Of Lindsey Graham Continues

Sen. Graham was never respected. He spent years being known as John McCain’s mini-me, but since the death of McCain, Graham has gone full-on Trump delusional. Lindsey Graham is advising the son of the President to defy a legal subpoena. This advice isn’t just bad. It is the kind of stupid that gets people locked up. Later in the day, Don Jr. reached a deal to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee,but if the president’s son has second thoughts and decides to bail, he had better not follow the advice of Lindsey Graham, because what the South Carolina senator told him to do is a one-way ticket to jail.

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