UK, Leicester politics of frustrations, trials and tribulations

A New Beginning, life and the beginning of our new political group has had more than its fair share of ups and downs//Councillor Wayne Naylor

Since I wrote my first blog, A New Beginning, life and the beginning of our new political group has had more than its fair share of ups and downs. My good friend and associate in this new beginning, Cllr Barbara Potter, has had some serious health issues and has been out of the the picture for some time, thankfully now she is much better and is back in the mix of what we are doing. In-house issues with the council’s hierarchy haven’t helped and the Labour Party has accused us of political point scoring.

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The political climate is changing rapidly, more and more discontent across the country regarding the main political parties is opening the door to UKIP as well as Far Right Groups.

People are fed up of cuts, whether it be from the Con-Dem Coalition or “with crocodile tears from the Labour Party, enough is enough! There needs to be an alternative, and we hope that is something we will achieve here in Leicester!!!!

After going Independent, We initially grouped together as the Autonomy Group Leicester, but have since been register nationally as a group under the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), who have been running since 2010, started by Trade Unionist Bob Crow, now led by Dave Nellist. We are defining our message and beginning to build support.

Our Big Bang!! moment came on Saturday (25th October) when after all the issues and changes, we held a People’s Budget Conference, which was attended by around 60 people who will be great activists for our group. Its the beginning of what I hope will be a new era in politics in Leicester, a new movement for the people by the people, with people at its heart.

Both myself and Barbara have had people get in touch with us telling us it was inspirational. It was great to have Dave Nellist speak with such great command about how this is the time for a different socialist group than the former socialist Labour Party to be the part of the people. Cllr Keith Morrell, TUSC Councillor from Southampton strengthened the argument with his heart-warming account of why he left the Labour Party, became independent, gained support from TUSC and went on to regain his council seat with a high proportion and turned around a local issue. An amazing stand, one that we hope to replicate here!

This time of change is a massive learning process, something that has been challenging, awkward at times, but incredibly fulfilling too. And one that has felt right. Its time to move forward and make this happen for everyone in our city!!!!

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