German police arrest Syrian suspected of planning attack

BERLIN (Reuters) – German police on Tuesday arrested a Syrian man suspected of planning an Islamist attack, officials said, with public broadcaster ARD reporting that the man was at the top of the federal police’s list of dangerous Islamist extremists.


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German police arrested a 19-year-old Syrian suspected of planning an Islamist-motivated bomb attack in Germany CREDIT: REUTERS/FABIAN BIMMER


German police on Tuesday arrested a Syrian man suspected of preparing a terror attack using powerful explosives, prosecutors said, 11 months after a deadly jihadist truck rampage at a Berlin Christmas Market///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA///

The man, identified only as Yamen A., 19, was held at dawn by special forces in the northeastern town of Schwerin, the federal prosecutors office said in a statement.

Several apartments were also searched in the region, which is north of Berlin.


Forensic experts examine the scene around a truck that crashed into a Christmas market in December 2016 CREDIT: TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/GETTY 


The man is suspected of having “planned and already concretely prepared an Islamist-motivated attack in Germany using very powerful explosives,” the statement said.


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