Trump “… is a Money Launderer” Erin Burnett EXPOSES EVIDENCE Showing the President’s Tax Dodge

Why is Trump so DESPERATE to HIDE his money dealing eh? What’s WRONG with them?

The panelist said it right, Sally Yates made very private, secret trips over to the WH to tell them, “Don’t let Flynn do anything, We’re warning you in advance, cut him out of everything, don’t let him have any secure info, he’s under investigation.” She told them that after Obama flat warned the Pig (aka, Trump) on two things and two things only, N.Korea and General Flynn. What did the Pig do? He fired Sally Yates because, he said, she was trying to mess with his administration. The Pig did not fire Flynn until 19 days after Yates, as acting AG at that time, went and warned him. This is how crooked, deceitful, and corrupt this President really is. He’s whining that nobody warned him. It’s of course a flat lie, but the Pig always lies. Anyone who ever believes anything he says is foolish, going against the odds, because the statistical odds are that he’s withholding, deceiving, lying. People act as if he basically is honest, and that increases the power of his lies. He not only lied when he said nobody warned him. He was basically desecrating the dignity of Sally Yates whom he fired for warning him. That’s what a scum this man really is, low as it gets – ElPocho GelMundoElPocho GelMundoElPocho GelMundo

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