How Trump co-opts career people like US Attorney General William Barr; former FBI Director James Comey

ag barr

House Dems ask DC, Virginia bar associations to investigate Barr

CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|| “President Donald Trump’s own outrageous conduct and behaviour convinces you that you must stay put in order preserve and protect the masses, institutions and values that you hold dear.

Along with Republican Senators and Congress, you tell yourself that you are too important for the nation to lose. Especially now.

“Of course, to stay on, you need to be seen to be on the President’s team, so you go ahead and make further compromises.

“You need to learn, and learn fast, start using his language or mannerisms i.e. phrases and expressions. While at it do not forget to sing his praises; sycophancy.

Also praise his leadership or non of it; tout his commitment to morality, ethics, rule of law – values. And then you are dry and ready.

And then you are LOST.

“He has just finished EATing your soul.”

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