“How Was The Grenade Thrown At President Emmerson Mnangagwa When Security Closed In And Cordoned Him? It’s Not Adding Up!”

How do you have a President checking on the injured before the source of the threat on his life is known? Queries NPF Mwenezi.

Vice President Chiwenga

Below is the full text of an insight into the mystery surrounding the White City Stadium explosion which claimed two lives and injured 47 others.

Writes NPF Mwenezi in a facebook post:

“I have worked for the security team around Mugabe when I was at PPU , then CID. Fr those who do not kno , the teams work like this. A week before the rally we are deployed. The PISI section of the police station which polices area where there is a rally gathers information. The CID also deploy. The army also deploys. The CIO also deploy. So there are four groups here.

Ok the PISI section of the ZRP and CIO give a no threat signal from information gathered and we scan that stadium on the third day. Sniffer dogs and bomb squad. After a full scan the army takes over and guards the venue day and night. We also snoop around beer halls and surroundings. Venue is guarded to ensure no invasion. Usually the army team do not know each other. This means they are drawn from diffrent barracks to ensure they do not connive. So the trick is that they will do their job because they do not trust each other. Now on the actual day the rescannimg occurs. We ensure the place is safe. The stage is prepared with scanned material.

There is the drill on rally day. More operatives come with the president. About 100 are in civilian clothing and should make part of the crowd. So the 100 operatives occupy what we call a CZ radius. For you who are not civilians know a CZ pistol. So the range of any kill shot is 20 metres and below. Anything over that is likely to miss….. Now we watch the crowd. A rally is composed of three distinct features.

1. The supporters – these are clearly in party regalia. So that first 20 metres the duty uniform branch of the ZRP and Army are ordered to push back all non party regalia attendants and eliminate possible threats from our radius.

2. The supporter not in party regalia. That one is watched closely for anything unusual eg We cannot have a person clad in a suit or jacker when its hot etc.

3. Any unusual person – this is where we look at your mood. Your eyes. Any commucation you might be having.

Now my problem is here. The critical passage. We call it that. It is when the president comes on and off stage. There we all close in. If you have attended Bob’s rallies you could have realised a lot of movement during these two stages. When he comes in its about ten operatives around him. By the time he approaches or leaves stage it doubles. So now my question is…That there is a C5 grenade which was thrown when #Mnangagwa went off stage. How was it thrown because we close in and cordon?

So there lies my problem. Who threw the grenade?. That person , if not part of the president was going to be seen and caught. I rest my case .What of supporters..are they not a potential threat but they form the least of their worries.

Supporters during the critical passage are even assaulted and pushed roughly to clear the way. A supporter can only throw a grenade by then frm 15 metres away. It would be thrown at a loop pple not straight because there are many people surrounding the president. So if thrown at a loop it means you would be seen. It also must be caught on camera somehow. Note that at most after removing the pin the grenade takes 3 to 4 seconds at most to explode.

The loop if from a distance will make it explode in mid air. Now do the math. That thing was thrown by someone not far away. Meaning that person was among the group with #Mnangagwa , not the operatives. If he was among the operatives he was going to be seen…I rest my case
Its probably a way of saying we have terrorists in the country.

So if anything happens to Chamisa it will be blamed on them. How do you explain a president who is everywhere checking the injured before the source of the threat is known. Why is he so fast in reminding pple and the international community that he has always been a target? It just does not add up.

You will see the next phase of this movie. Never ever lie to yourself that ED and Chiwenga will ever fight. Those two are dearest friends. Chiwenga uplifted ED to SA when he was poisoned and lied to Bob that he had taken him to Gweru. He put his body on the line for ED. Saying they are fighting is just a wish.

Quassi military people are used to a chain of command. Chiwenga is no politician. I can tell you now that he does not wish to be the president right now. Its just way too tricky a territory. That much he knows. That post makes him powerful and he will stick to that and avoid being in charge.”

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