Huawei is repatriating US workers, tells the rest not to hobnob with US contacts

The US has been urging its allies to take steps to ban Huawei equipment from their 5G networks © AFP

Trump to threaten curb on intel sharing with UK over Huawei

IT’S BEEN ANOTHER tumultuous week for Huawei as the full effect of its recent addition to Trump’s Enemies List is felt/

In the latest salvo, Huawei has started to cut off diplomatic relations with the US, in a tech sense. American staff working on R&D at its Shenzhen HQ are being returned home, whilst US-based staff are being told to stop communicating with their US contacts.

Huawei staff have also been told to limit their discussions with foreigners on the many press trips that the company gives each year.

Huawei has ordered its employees to cancel technical meetings with US contacts and repatriated Americans working at its Shenzhen headquarters, as tensions rise between the Chinese telecoms group and the US government.


Dang Wenshuan, Huawei’s chief strategy architect, said American citizens working in research and development at Huawei’s headquarters were sent back to the US two weeks ago, after the Trump administration blacklisted the Chinese group and 68 affiliates.

Part of the problem is that, when you have someone like bit-part actor Donald Trump, best known for his brief cameo as ‘Donald Trump’ in ‘’Undecided: The Movie’*, who speaks in generalisations, its very difficult for all parties involved to know exactly what the nuances of the ruling actually are.

As a result, everyone is playing it safe, relations are being soured, and now Huawei is suing the US Government, claiming their banishment to be unlawful, which it may or may not be.

In the meantime, there’s a shred of good news for Huawei fans – the Mate 20 Pro, which was unceremoniously dumped from the Android Q Beta programme, has been reinstated, for now at least, as part of the 90 day moratorium designed to allow Huawei time to ensure its users aren’t left in the lurch.

It is understood that Donald Trump will be meeting outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa ‘countRY… I… LOVE’ May during his state-of-it visit to Blighty next week, and is keen to talk about the whole Huawei debacle, with a particular interest in the repercussions for intelligence sharing, should the UK fail to ban Huawei from its 5G networks.

Huawei continues to plan for its future, free from the shackles of its American oppressors, but with the IEEE adding its name to the list of people that won’t play with the Chinese tech-giant in the wake of the recent ruling, it does seem as if Huawei’s lot is to play bullied step-child a bit longer. Maybe a lot longer. μ

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