If it’s not difficult, then you’re doing it wrong!

IF it is EASY then you are doing it WRONG//Crimson Tazvinzwa

How many of you complain and moan when something doesn’t go your way? How about when you take up a new hobby or try something that you have never done before? Do you hate learning new skills?

Yes, juggling chainsaws is pretty darn difficult so stop doing that. It’s not big or clever and you will find it hard to comb your hair with a chunk of metal lodged in your head.

What about more ‘every day’ activities?

I see it every week with my guitar students.

“My hands are too small and I can’t do it!

“I have no rhythm”

“These barre chords are too hard”

Yes it is hard to learn a musical instrument, even harder to learn to play the guitar, but what did you expect? You’re contorting your hands and fingers into positions that would make a gangster rapper weep with envy.

The students who improve the quickest and who end up truly enjoying their practice sessions are always the ones who appreciate that time and effort = rewards.

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