Internstional Day Of The Victims Of Enforced Disapperance 2019 – Remembering Zimbabwe Human Rights Activist, Itai Dzamara 4-years On


Itai Dzamara: Human Righst Activist was abducted in 2016, and has not been found since///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA


On this International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearance, we remember journalist & activist Itai Dzamara & all other victims in Zimbabwe. Articles 48-50 of the #Zimbabwe constitution define the right to life, personal liberty & the rights of arrested & detained persons.


Itai Dzamara’s wife protesting the disappearance of her husband


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Stop meddling in our politics. We make to disappear whom we want we are the party the army the kidnapers we are Zanu we earned it by going to war against yo Kith and Kin
11:35 AM · Aug 30, 2019Twitter for Android

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They would if you stopped begging them for food due to your thieving at NSSA and many other parastatals. They would if you stopped begging them for loans and healthcare grants. Today they look after your HIV infected citizens yet you declare sovereignty in the midst of hunger!

11:39 AM · Aug 30, 2019Twitter for iPhone
Itai Dzamara’s children face a future without a father in their lives

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