176 Dead In Iran Plane Crash involving a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737

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A Boeing flight simulator. Credit Aviation-Images.com, via Getty Images

A plane carrying 176 people crashed just minutes after takeoff in Iran, killing everyone on board; by CRIMSON TAZVINZWA//

The Ukraine International Airlines plane was just three years old, and had recently been tested, but authorities have distanced the incident from terrorism as tensions heighten between the US and Iran.

But Ukraine’s embassy in Tehran appeared to delete an earlier statement that totally dismissed the idea of terrorism or a rocket attack, replacing it with one that says the cause is unknown and is being investigated.iran proplane-crash

The plane appeared to burst into flames in mid air, and authorities in Ukraine and Iran will investigate. But the American plane manufacturer Boeing may have trouble dealing with Iran and may face further scrutiny after other fatal crashes. A Ukraine International Airlines plane crashed in Iran early on Wednesday morning, killing all 176 people on board in what authorities are initially attributing to a technical issue.

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