Ukrainian jet ‘unintentionally’ shot down in Teheran


Iran plane crash: Ukrainian jet was ‘unintentionally’ shot down – BBC News

Iran has admitted “unintentionally” shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet, killing all 176 people on board.

An investigation found that “missiles fired due to human error”, President Hassan Rouhani said. He described the crash as an “unforgivable mistake”.


President Hassan Rouhani


The military said the jet turned towards a sensitive site belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and was then mistaken for a cruise missile.

Iran had previously rejected suggestions that it was to blame.

The downing of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 on Wednesday came just hours after Iran carried out missile strikes on two airbases housing US forces in Iraq.

 And yet they spent days vehemently denying this, pleading their innocence and saying they had nothing to do with it. Really terrible for all the victims and their families///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA/////


Replying to

This is very sad

, I personally think that

should apologise to the victims of this crush and his Government should consider paying damages . I also think that Iran


should now start behaving like a normal Nation !


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