Islamophobia, Racism and Politics of Intolerance ‘injuring’ Australia and Australians

Australians will elect a new Parliament in less than two weeks, but many candidates have withdrawn from the race after making offensive remarks.CreditCreditLisa Maree Williams/Getty Images


If the devil Fraser Anning still be a politician in Australia and sit in the parliament instead of going to jail, there is something severely wrong in Australian politics, law, and state-system.

One candidate ranted about the danger of the “homosexual lifestyle.” Another called for the genital mutilation of non-Muslim women who support Islam. A third made light of rape, and yet another boasted that he had “done more Asian than I know what to do with.”

Nearly every day in the brief run-up to the Australian election on May 18, voters have confronted a new revelation of toxic speech by politicians, propagated largely on social media. The offensive remarks have forced at least six candidates for Parliament to quit, while many more linger like zombies — most of them from the conservative governing coalition and other parties on the right

Luke Creasey, second from the right, a Labor candidate who quit the race after making a joke about rape, is seen here with the party’s leader Bill Shorten, second from left.CreditEllen Smith/EPA, via Shutterstock

The Guardian already published that terrorism done by a few entities who misinterpret Islam is covered 357% more in media. And I believe in Australia it is covered more than 357% when in reality most of the terrorist acts are done by non-Muslims.

Australia was founded by killing and oppressing indigenous communities. Scott Morrison capitalized on Islamophobia to come to power. The country is build on hate. Fortunately, most of the present-day Australians are regular innocent people who condemn islamophobia and want to live in harmony.

Yet, devils like Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning are able to sit in the parliament and promote racism. This is brutal and horrifying. This is the result of the indifference of Australian people. This is the result of world media who promote islamophobia. This is the result of indifference of world leaders towards islamophobia. Please take action in a way you can.

Please remember, the kind of killing of Muslims happened in Christchurch New Zealand will trigger the violence of radical islamist groups. Both the lives of Muslims and non-Muslims are at stake here. Please remember, in Quran, God/Allah said no person has the right to judge another human being and no person can be revengeful.

The extreme approaches of Shariah Law are man-made they are not from Quran. It is clear in Quran that only God/Allah is able to decide who will go to heaven or hell. What you hear about Muhammad being a war-lord is nothing but ill-conceived and agenda-driven misinterpretations.

We humans have no right to judge other human beings. I am not talking against the rule of law in a country here. The rule of law and constitution must exist. It is the best way we human can live in a peaceful way. I am talking about the hateful misinterpretations of Islam based on which Australian politicians are capitalizing.

Faith is personal, and it should always remain personal.

A politician of a democracy must not play politics with someone’s faith and no media platform should promote the play of politics when it harms faith. It’s time for us to go beyond race, creed, and gender identities, otherwise Muslims and non-Muslims and Christians will suffer and death will become obvious.

No time for indifference. It’s not the time to watch Captain Marvel, it’s the time to break the bubble of your comfort zone and do something for humanity.

Otherwise, it will be you next.

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