KENYA HOTEL TERROR Attack as it happened

Recce Squad arrives at 14 Riverside following terrorist attack

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN)(AIWA! NO!|Armed men burst into a hotel complex in Nairobi with gunfire and explosions, killing at least 14 people in an attack that lasted hours and ended Wednesday morning, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said.

“The security operation at Dusit complex is over, and all the terrorists eliminated,” Kenyatta told reporters without giving details. “Fourteen innocent lives were lost through the hands of these murderers, terrorists.”More than 700 people were evacuated to safety in the course of the attack, he added.

Shortly before Kenyatta declared it over, gunshots and explosions could be heard at the scene.An American, Jason Spindler, was identified by his employer as one of those killed in the attack. He was co-founder and managing director of I-DEV International, a firm advising on business strategy for emerging markets.

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