KENYA – “Off humanities and the Deputy President William Samoei Arap Ruto;” Owino Odera

Off humanities and the Deputy President.

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YahooDeputy President William Ruto, left, with his running mate President Uhuru Kenyatta in June

Owino Odera, |AIWA! NO!|Times above number the Kenya Deputy President has expressed his support for policy and stakeholder bias towards Sciences in place of Humanities. His position could be informed by the current market demand for more graduates with skills and competences from the sciences. His reasoning is logical but is not valid when considered in the broader context of the history of international policies, national erosion of values and principles that have brought this country to the currently position. This line of thought will deliver us to the throes of revolution since it will escalate economic servitude by the majority to the minority or foreign interests.

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Owino Odera (@OwinoOdera) | TwitterTwitterOwino Odera

The problem he seeks to address was brought about by the unintended policy of students applying for courses that are market driven. In contrast, we need a system that informs course availability based on the desired destiny of the society. We need to understand our wealth, riches, strengths, accept our shortcomings, risks, opportunities and know how to change our common lot as a community. This process requires those skilled and deft at state craft for which we come short as a nation. These kind of fellows are found in the Humanities intellectual well.

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CitizenDP William Ruto during the ordination ceremony of regional bishops of the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship

The greater purpose of Education is to benefit and improve the society, a likely by product in this process is individual or personal development of the graduate. This is the notion of public good that should direct our education, health and security systems. Unfortunately we consider education and work as individual adventures which often injures the society. In a system devoid of short and sectarian term interests, graduates invariably get to have well-paying jobs as the society thrives. This is the problem of purely capitalist system and specifically our Kenyan society, most people believe in person benefit before committing to any effort. We often ask why hospitals turn away patients for lack of money, engineers demand bribes to authenticate substandard structures, state officers demanding bribes to deliver on their mandates and everyone looking for glory, fame and wealth on the cheap without commensurate effort.

Economics sits deep in the humanities well and Economy is the problem in this country. The economic problem is aggravated by in-hygienic politics, Political science Mr. Deputy President is found in the depths of the well of Humanities. The country bleeds from injustice which is the absence of justice, a key topic in philosophy whose students spend lots of time seeking truth. The long term injustices and iniquities committed to the vulnerable in our country are calling a curse to the land. Perhaps these injustices are not known because the stories need to be written in books, song about and acted on our theaters.

The sciences can only be beneficial to the society once the humanities are grounded. Most regimes that were dictatorial ensured the eradication of arts and humanities. Freedom of thought is the last hope and should never be trifled with. Majority of industrialized nations in the converse allowed their rich cultures encapsulated in humanities to thrive.

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