5 Things I Will Miss In Leicester: Accessiblity of services and amenities; Friendliness, Food, Arts & Culture – LOVE Or LOATHE It; LEICESTER Is Cool


Alice Hawkins was a leading English suffragette among the boot and shoe machinists of Leicester. She went to prison five times for acts committed as part of the Women’s Social and Political Union militant campaign//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA///

From the legendary Alice Hawkins Statue at the Market Squre to ‘Shakespeare’ bust sitting atop a pub window and the amazing FOX; all captured in stone or bronze –  Leicester loves art whethe it is public or not. Why?//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

A daring and self-assured Fox gazing through the shop window

William Shakespeare: The legendary writer of books such as the best romance novel; Romeo and Juliet – politics: Richard The Second, Hamlet, Correolanus

Leicester Street Graffiti