Leicester Market; voted ‘Britain’s favourite fruit & vegetable market plus 3 of the heaviest fruits and vegetables ever grown according to Guinness World Records

A LEICESTER woman grew a humongous pumpkin but doesn’t know how she did it///by CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

Lisa Kyprianou lives in Western Park and has an allotment on Groby Road.

The 53-year-old has been growing different variations of fruit and veg for around 19 years but has never grown anything quite as big as this.

She said: “I started growing vegetables around the time my second daughter was born as a way of saving money so I could stay at home and it has just carried on from there.

“I grow most things to be honest but we have a massive badger problem and they love carrots and parsnips so I can’t grow them.

“The thing is I’m not really sure how the pumpkin’s gotten so big.”

Lisa’s previous pumpkin record was 77 pounds but the orange mammoth in her allotment has passed all expectations and then some.






Some of the world’s biggest fruits and vegetables were grown in the UK. (Image: Getty Images)
Lisa Kyprianou huge pumpkin weighed considerably less than the heaviest in the world. (Image: Fothergill

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