Manchester United sells for £4 billion?

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Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman of oil-rich Saudi Arabia is  reportedly buying one of the biggest, richest English football clubs,  Manchester United for a whopping £4 billion, by Crimson Tazvinzwa///

United’s current owners Joel and Avram Glazer are understood to have already indicated that the club is not for sale, but that has not deterred Bin Salman.

The oil-rich Saudi is thought to be worth around £850bn and hopes to rival Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi owners as part of his vision to diversify his country’s economy by 2030.

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United were recently valued at £3.2bn by Forbes, and The Mirror reports that Bin Salman is ready to add another £800m onto his bid in an attempt to convince the Glazer family to sell.

However, United’s owners are wary of entering any dialogue with Bin Salman due to the tense current diplomatic situation surrounding the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.mbs.jpg

Avram Glazer had been due to fly out to Riyadh this week in order to attend an International Forum, but he is one of a number of high-profile withdrawals due to the situation surrounding Khashoggi’s death.

The Glazers bought United for £790m in 2005, and would smash the previous record for the most expensive takeover should this proposed deal come to fruition.

Additional Interesting bit about selling of Man UTD

Michael Knighton

Knighton first came to the attention of the public in August 1989, when he made a takeover bid of £20 million for Manchester United. At the time, this was a record figure for a British football club and the offer was accepted by chief executive Martin Edwards.

On This Day In 1989: Michael Knighton ”Buys” Manchester United For £20millionaiwano


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