May’s triumph in confidence vote is ‘worst possible outcome’ and leaves Tories ‘grinding miserably forward’, MP says

Steve Baker said the Tories are now 'grinding miserably forwards'. Credit: ITV/Peston

Steve Baker said the Tories are now ‘grinding miserably forwards’. Credit: ITV/Peston

|AIWA! NO!|Theresa May’s triumph in the confidence vote over her leadership is the “worst possible” outcome of the vote and will see the Conservative Party stuck in a vicious cycle of “grinding miserably forwards supporting the Prime Minister’s leadership while opposing the Prime Minister’s Brexit policy”, an MP has said.

Steve Baker, the deputy chair of the pro-hard Brexit European Research Group (ERG) and one of the Conservative MPs who submitted a letter of no confidence in Theresa May, said that while the Prime Minister may have triumphed in the poll, he predicted she could end up in a similar situation to Margaret Thatcher and could see her own Cabinet calling on her to resign within a week.

In Wednesday’s poll, Mrs May’s Cabinet appeared to overwhelmingly back her.

Of the 317 Tory MPs, 200 or 63%, voted in favour of the Prime Minister, while 117 or 37%, voted against her, giving her a majority of 83.

Mrs May’s success means her leadership cannot be contested again for a year.

Appearing on ITV’s Peston, Mr Baker said that while the Prime Minister may have won the support of her party, the overwhelming majority of MPs are still unhappy with her European Union Withdrawal Agreement, resulting in it likely being defeated in the House of Commons.

Speaking to ITV News’ Political Editor, Mr Baker continued that he hoped the Brexit deal would soon be put to Parliament so that “it could be voted down”, and then negotiations re-started with the EU.

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