Microsoft AI programme to upskill Indian developers

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Microsoft has announced the launch of a specially curated online Artificial Intelligence (AI) program aimed at enabling the developer community and workforces across organizations across India to harness the power of AI.

on Thursday announced a (AI) programme aimed at enabling the developer community and workforce across organizations in the country to harness the power of

The five-day programme from May 27-31 would be addressed by data scientists and tech leaders from Microsoft, Flipkart, and InMobi, the company said in a statement.

“With these virtual sessions, we aim to address the existing gap related to skills in Indian businesses. With experts from and other industry leaders coming together, we are hopeful of imparting and skills to a larger talent pool,” said Dr. National Officer – India.

The programme will have a series of workshops to help participants build their skills and expertise in cloud computing, data sciences, AI and Internet of things (IoT).

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