Mnangagwa sets fire on MDC – T camp where Chamisa and Khupe are wrangling over party ownership

By Crimson Tazvinzwa

With political fire raging within the MDC – T camp; while Mawarire, Jonathan Moyo and Dr. Patrick Zhuwao  of the little known NPF are slashing at  each other’s throats over how much money to spend on campaign ‘props’ – the money they don’t have;  President Mnangagwa is no longer worried about the morning after pill for everything is going swimmingly and accordingly.

Mnangagwa affectionately labelled ‘ED’ or ‘CROCODILE’ is keeping a cunning and pretentiously ‘balanced’  eye on opposing forces within the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC – T), so  he remains a key central player until the job is done; ‘annihilation’ of opponents. This is exactly his grand plan. The Mugabe Motorway. According to Bulawayo24 News report; “The Zimbabwe Anti-corruption Commission (ZAAC), in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), have issued a warrant of apprehension against self-exiled former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo, who is facing 14 counts of fraud.” The warrant has since been handed to the International Police (Interpol) according to ZACC officials. ‘It doesn’t rain but it pours.’

The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe has referred the case between Nelson Chamisa and Thokozani Khupe to the High Court to be decided there. ©Bulawayo24

The statement reads: “The chamber application filed in this matter shall stand as the ‘SUMMONS’ and the notice of opposition as the ‘APPEARANCE’ to defend.” And the statement continues; “It is ordered that the application be referred to’TRIAL’ for the resolution” … whether “the respondents are entitled to use the name, symbol, logo and trademarks of the MDC-T. Oh dear me! What a cock-eyed idea!

In this election cycle,  Zanu (PF) have resorted  to the courts as a means to an end, a re-branded election rigging strategy with a new formula; I mean pitying their opponents against one another. This hearing is going to go on for a long time, hence scuppering MDC-T’s campaign agenda (for these two opposing factions within the MDC) would be in court most of the times squabbling about who stole the nuts. Meanwhile Zanu (PF) pretentiously claiming to be a spectator and an innocent bystander at that; yet they have their men in both the Judiciary and Parliament: Mr.Justice Garwe and Jacob Francis Mudenda respectively, So ED carries on with the business of campaigning. We can’t talk about the role of the army and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) at this time – that will definitely come in its own installment this Sunday.

Why is Kasukuwere back by the way? It is Zanu (PF). Misdirection. Giving an impression that it’s raining when actually it’s snowing. Double-crossing and double dealing. Jonathan Moyo was done with – what we often say in Shona as a warning: ‘Matsotsi haagerani’ or ‘Ucha ona kuti hausi tsotsi’. So ndi ani akagera umwe between Jonathan Moyo and Kasukuwere? Look what’s happening in NPF (Naga People’s Front, a regional political party in Nagaland and Manipur, India?  National Park Foundation? The National Policy Forum?  Aah! I don’t know. It is Zanu {PF) at work. Look! How many opposition parties there are? Seventy-five political parties will square up in Mugabe-less Zimbabwe election tapped for end of July. Yes you have heard right. Seventy. Five. Most of them with manifestos that mimic primary school ‘Lesson Plans’.

It is Zanu (PF)’s work.  The more opposing voices, the more opposition within the opposition. Soon after elections some of these undergrowth parties will fizzle out into
thin air. Mnangagwa is challenging his detractors; “You say there is no democracy in Zimbabwe? Are you joking me? Look how many political parties are opposing me? And they are allowed to do so in my free Zimbabwe. And Kasukuwere is back. He is a free man as long as he keeps his lips not apart except when eating and drinking of course or when ‘COMMANDING AGRICULTURE.’ZIMBABWE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!”.  I can actually visualise ED with that cheeky, sly, chuckle of his, and he would be adorning that ghastly scarf for effect for a bigger measure.

Zanu (PF) have just carried out an execution. Ask or challenge me on this statement after the election. I bet you! Zimbabwe is recreating a Kenyan scenario while South Africa recreates the Zimbabwe scenario – ‘it is a merry-go-round’.

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