Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president Nelson Chamisa Blocked By Military, Police From Getting To Mtukudzi’s Homestead, Mourners Break Down Gate To Allow Chamisa In

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa today paid his condolences to the family of the late national hero, musician Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi. During the funeral he spoke with another legendary Zimbabwe traditional mbira (thumb piano) music artist Thomas ‘Mukanya’ Mapfumo

nelson chamisa‏Verified account @nelsonchamisaJan 23;

To me a father and counselor. To the nation,an advisor and ambassador to generations. To the world, a peace icon,a bundle of talent,calabash of wisdom. You gave your all to us all. You consoled, counselled and entertained Zimbabwe and beyond. You will be sorely missed Samanyanga!

AIWA! NO!|Lovemore, Pindula News|Renowned journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said that the police and the military blocked MDC president Nelson Chamisa from getting to the late Oliver Mtukudzi’s homestead on Sunday where the late singer was expected to be buried.

The incident is said to have taken place right in front of the South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe. Writing on microblogging site Twitter today, Chin’ono said:

Once again today the police & military blocked @nelsonchamisa from getting into @TukuOfficial’s rural homestead right in front of the South African ambassador. Mourners had to kick the Gate down in revulsion of what the security services were doing! Embarrassing for Gov & ED.

Human rights activist Patson Dzamara weighed in and revealed further details about the incident. He wrote:

I wonder how low ZANU-PF can sink. They again tried to block the people’s President @nelsonchamisa from entering Tuku’s homestead in Madziwa today. This is despicable and totally unacceptable.

It is terribly shocking to learn that mourners actually had to vandalize the gate in protest over the police & army’s refusal to allow President @nelsonchamisa entry into Tuku’s homestead in Madziva. This is moronic & embarrassing. Havanyare vanhu ava (these people are shameless).

After yesterday’s incident, President Chamisa could have decided not to attend the burial but he still went and of course, the lumpens were at it again today. That is exactly the spirit needed when dealing with forces of evil. You keep moving. Well done President @nelsonchamisa.

Reports indicate that disgusted mourners pulled down one of the gates to the homestead which allowed Chamisa to gain entrance.

This is the second time that the security services have denied Chamisa access to events to do with Mtukudzi’s funeral. On Saturday, Chamisa was reportedly blocked from entering the National Sports Stadium to attend a concert organised in tribute to Mtukudzi.

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