Muslims, immigrants and Trump: Inside the life of Quebec mosque killer Alexandre Bissonnette


0423 city bissonnette.jpg

A photo from Quebec City mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette’s Tumblr page attests to his fascination with Donald Trump. The contents of Bissonnette’s computer indicate the killer obsessively read about the U.S. president and a travel ban he imposed on Muslim-majority countries two days before the Quebec City attack.Tumblr


Nine days before the shooting, he seemed to be a happy-go-lucky millennial, boasting about his carbonara pasta sauce on his blog. He was just another customer buying a drink at a Couche-Tard dépanneur at 7:37 p.m. on Jan. 29, 2017. Seventeen minutes later, he walked up to a mosque 500 metres away and started his carnage. Security camera footage showed him to be a cold-blooded killer, in some cases executing men with point-blank gunshots to the head. Fourteen minutes after the rampage was over, he cried repeatedly in a call to 911, alternately suicidal and afraid police would kill him …


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