NIGEL FARAGE: Everything the Brexit Party leaders hates about Britain

nigel farageBrexit is often described by its most zealous proponents as a patriotic project. Usually evoking World War Two (we’re talking about you, Mark Francois), Brexit is depicted as a continuation of a long-standing battle to rid ourselves of foreign dictators. Nothing, they say, could be more British//By Sam Bright; Scram

Yet, Brexit’s chief protagonist, Nigel Farage, has today shown that he’s perhaps not the patriot that many people would like to believe. The Brexit Party leader used a speech in Sydney, Australia, to describe the late Queen Mother as an “overweight, chain-smoking gin drinker,” and to harangue princes Charles and Harry – as well as Meghan Markle.

And this got us thinking – Farage actually hates a lot of things about Britain, including:

Our capital

Farage regularly uses his soapbox to slam “out of touch” Remainers in London who are trying to thwart his precious Brexit, or so he says. He even arranged a march from Sunderland to London to “tell the Westminster elite we will not be betrayed over Brexit.”

And it seems Farage is also not a fan of our capital’s famous diversity. At a speech at UKIP’s Spring conference in 2014, Farage said that immigration had caused Britain’s cities to “become unrecognisable.”

Attempting to justify these comments, the former UKIP leader cited a train ride he’d taken in London where he couldn’t hear “English being audibly spoken in the carriage.” This, he said, didn’t make him feel “very comfortable”.

What’s more, Mr Brexit has in the past said that London is “blighted” by “wholly Muslim areas” – echoing President Trump’s criticisms of the capital and its mayor Sadiq Khan.


A good majority of Brits (well more than voted for Brexit) are proud of the BBC. It’s a national institution. Yet, Farage is not such a fan.

During the recent European elections campaign, when he was subject to a grilling from veteran presenter Andrew Marr, the Brexit Party leader said: “The BBC are now the enemy.”

Indeed, Farage often moans about alleged anti-BBC bias, and a number of his MP candidates have pledged to “reform” the public service broadcaster, if they are elected at the next general election.

The mother of all Parliaments

During the EU referendum, Farage relentlessly campaigned for Parliament to “take back control” from Brussels. Yet, ever since, he hasn’t stopped criticising the way that Parliament operates.

In particular, he says that Parliament is “betraying” the wishes of the people, by refusing to sanction an economically calamitous no-deal Brexit.

Farage clearly doesn’t like the fact we have a Parliamentary democracy, in the same way he doesn’t like most of the royal family, the BBC, or our capital.

Maybe he should think about emigrating?

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