Nigel Farage wants a Brexit television debate with Jeremy Corbyn

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Nigel Farage has challenged Jeremy Corbyn to a debate ahead of the European Parliament elections, warning a deal between Labour and the Conservatives would be “the final betrayal”.

Farage, who leads the Brexit Party, challenged the Labour leader to discuss Brexit with him.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, Farage said: “There are five million voters out there, Labour voters, who voted to leave, particularly in the Midlands, the north, and south Wales.

“I would love between now and polling to have a debate with Jeremy Corbyn about this because people are very confused about what Labour are standing for.”

Farage added: “I think if we can dig into the Labour vote, we can surprise even ourselves.”

Remain supporters responded with disdain at the suggestion, calling on Farage to “challenge a Remainer”.

Yacob Cajee wrote: “I’d be more impressed if Farage had challenged either @vincecable or @CarolineLucas to have the debate rather than @jeremycorbyn who is more in favour of Brexit than he is.”

Josh Scully said: “Given Farage has no other policies than to vaguely Brexit and Corbyn wants the same on that front, what’d be the point? Aren’t most of us bored with old white men agreeing with each other, patting each other on the back, and screwing the rest of us over?”

Paul Malyon tweeted: “God that sounds horrific. ‘We must Brexit!’ says one of them. ‘I agree.’ says the other.”

Another said: “To discuss what? Who grows the biggest marrows? Given they are on the same side it’s hardly an interesting debate is it. Now, stick @CarolineLucas up there against him and let the battle commence.”

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