North Korea Rejects All US Denuclearisation Proposals – Reports

by CRIMSON TAZVINZWA –LONDON – North Korea has turned down all proposals by the United States to start the process of complete denuclearise, US media reported.

Pyongyang declined giving up part of its nuclear arsenal in the near future as a gesture of goodwill, calling US proposals “gangster-like,” diplomatic sources told CNN on Friday.

The Korean government reportedly pointed to steps it had already taken in a show of good faith, including its decision to discontinue missile tests and repatriate remains of fallen US soldiers.

Koreans see the summit not just as another sensational episode in the story of Donald Trump but as a step away from a sixty-eight-year-old unfinished war.Photograph by Evan Vucci / AP
North Korea’s Kim Jong-un promised to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons at a summit with US President Donald Trump in Singapore in June. There is no schedule provided.
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