Notre Dame cathedral fire: Devastating and harrowing pictures show the 12- century-old landmark being razed

Massive fire destroys Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris – CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris has been engulfed in flames, with a huge plume of smoke extending for miles from the iconic landmark in the centre of the French capital.

As the flames spread along the roof of the building, the blaze toppled the spire at the top of the building while Parisians posted photos and video from around the city.

Then, the roof itself collapsed.

The images are dramatic, showing the 850-year-old church surrounded by bright orange, blacks, and a smoky haze.

It remains to be seen how much of the invaluable art and artefacts inside of the building were removed before the roof came crashing down.

Soon after the blaze began, French President Emmanuel Macron cancelled a planned address to the nation, and an investigation was announced before the blaze had even been put out.

The fire prompted an outpouring of grief from across the globe.


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